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How Smart Companies are Leveraging Calculators for Product Hunt - Part 2
11th August 2017 Khyati

How Companies Use Calculators For Product Hunt Promotions - Part 2

In the second part of the product hunt promotions secrets series, we bring to you the success stories of 5 more companies that posted calculators to ace product hunt promotions. Here’s to innovative marketing! Read Part 1 here.

#1 Crew.co (415 Upvotes)

Crew.co seems to love the idea of creating calculators that add value (we saw this in our previous post)! Their third calculator on Product Hunt helps users calculate the cost of designing a logo. This calculator is a handy resource to plan the budget involved in creating or recreating the official identity of an online business. The CTA in the end redirects the users to logo designer profiles on Crew.co, thus acting as a great source of regular traffic and qualified leads for the company.

#2 Qwilr (330 Upvotes)

Startups with lean budget mostly have a hard time deciding on how much they should spend on advertisements? To solve this issue and educate the customers about their choices, Qwilr, a company that turns boring sales docs into interactive websites, put up a 'Ad Spend Calculator' on Product Hunt. This tool helps startups determine whether paying for ads is a good idea. Initially Qwilr created the calculator for internal use, but when it turned out to be useful, they decided to put it out there. Result? They grabbed a lot of eyeballs from their target audience - startups!

#3 MaaxMarket (280 Upvotes)

MaaxMarket, a marketing automation software, published a Lead Calculator on Product Hunt which estimates the number of leads required to reach the set sales target. This calculator made it to the top liked calculators with more than 280 upvotes. Why? It helped companies know exactly how many leads they need to generate to hit their growth target, which in turn helped them streamline their sales strategy and processes. A helpful resource for the marketing and sales teams - MaaxMarket’s target audience.

#4 Influencer Marketing Hub (225 Upvotes)

Influencer Marketing Hub, a resource site for micro-influencers, agencies, and platforms, created the 'YouTube Money Calculator'. This interactive tool helps calculate the potential of a YouTube channel. Viability is the biggest concern of any YouTuber while starting a new channel. By answering the most pressing question of their target audience, the company was able to build trust amongst its target audience, and thus gain traction.

#5 OneVest (217 Upvotes)

Onevest, a community that connects investors and startup founders, published a calculator named 'Startup Return Calculator', which let its users calculate the ROI they can get on their startups. At the funding stage, the biggest challenge for a startup is to prove the ROI of its business idea. This calculator comes handy at this stage. Probably this is why even other investor networks like 1000 Angels now host it on their website.

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