Boosting Lead Generation With Interactive Calculators

Learn how to generate qualified & relevant leads using online Price, RoI & Savings calculators.

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What You'll Learn..

All the steps starting from designing the calculator to successfully implementing your campaign.

Why calculators are great for lead generation?

You'll learn why calculators are the next big thing in marketing. They are quick to use, provide an interactive experience and add direct value to the user.

How to design an effective calculator?

We'll discuss how to build a calculator that is optimized for conversion, engagement and usability.

How to promote and maximize traffic?

We will delve into unique top secret strategies to help you promote your calculator.

How to manage and follow up with leads?

Generating the lead is only half the work. Learn how to take the leads all the way to contract signing!

We generated over 1200 leads the week we launched the calculator. Since then, we have never looked back!

Pratham Mittal
CoFounder, VenturePact

What Makes Calculators Great?

Calculators are the next big thing in content marketing. They fix all that is wrong with traditional blogs and webinars..

Quick & Easy to Use

They provide instant gratification and don't require hours of commitment like ebooks.

Viral & Shareworthy

Because of the interactivity and personalization, calculators tend to be inherently viral.

Higher Conversion & Traffic

When compared to blogs, calculators receive as much as 2-4x the conversion rate.


VenturePact: a marketplace for b2b app development saw both traffic and conversions increase drastically.


Conversions Up: 28%
Traffic Up: 15%

We helped VenturePact build a calculator that lets its website visitors estimate the cost of building a mobile app by answering 10 simple questions. Since users could get instant value with no upfront investment, conversion rates on their website increased by 28% over just ebook sign ups and email capture on the blog.


Outgrow helps brands build these calculators. In 2 Weeks. For a flat price.

Brands have used Outgrow to build highly converting and effective calculators. From cost calculators to RoI calculators, our packaged solutions come with comprehensive feature sets. And of course, our 100% service guarantee ;)
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