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How to Optimize Your Blog ROI with Interactive Calculators and Quizzes?
30th November 2016 Khyati

How to Optimize Your Blog ROI with Interactive Calculators and Quizzes?

Most internet age companies write blogs and create content to squeeze out some SEO juice, improve traffic and ultimately generate more leads and more business. That said, only a handful of blogs actually have a positive ROI. Some blogs may get traffic but no lead conversions, some are written well but don't get traffic and some are just not written with SEO and quality in mind.

Well of course content marketers should get the basics right. That goes without saying. But we have seen time and again with our clients that interactive quizzes and calculators have tremendously improved blog ROI. Due to their innate virility and immersive interactivity, they really up the blog ROI considerably and without much effort. Let's see how.

I. Calculators and Quizzes Go Viral and Bring New Traffic

Did you know that New York Times most shared story was actually a quiz and not an article?

Or that 8 of the top 20 most popular content pieces on Buzzfeed are actually Quizzes?

Its no doubt that calculators get shared. A lot. As a matter of fact, interactive content creates gets 50% more click rate and 13% more shares than its static counterpart; the pageviews are also 4-5X more than that of static content. 

So by simply embedding a calculator on your blog post, you can boost your share rate and hence, your traffic considerably. Say you are a lawyer and writing a post about the advantages for incorporating a business in a certain states. Now just by adding a quiz titled "See which state you should incorporate your business in!", you can boost the share rate significantly. An article is good but its not interactive. Its the same reading for everyone. Unless its the best post out there on the subject, it will not inspire readers to share it. A calculator or a quiz make it a lot more of a personalized experience and hence, more exciting.

Some top brands have already tried generating traffic through calculators, and successfully so. Hubspot’s website grader has already evaluated more than 4 Million websites, and gets a monthly traffic of 340K, 67.42% of which converts for HubSpot.

improving conversion rate of blog post grader


In fact, some calculators have garnered as many as 187.6K social media engagements, like this Buy vs. Rent calculator from the New York Times. On the other hand, an article on the same topic could gather just 4K shares. Now, that's a significant difference!

improving conversion rate of blog post social


improving conversion rate of blog post sharing

Another calculator that garnered awesome social media engagement is Buzzfeed's 'How Privileged Are You' calculator. This one has got 1.1.M social media shares! When was the last time you saw a blog post or a white paper giving that kind of result?

improving conversion rate of blog post shares

II. Calculators and Quizzes Can Improve Conversion Rates!

With 2 Million+ content pieces written every day, you cannot expect a blog post to just bring in lead conversions by virtue of having a great argument or a catchy title. Yes, you can optimize for conversions by embedding a call to action leading to your website or landing page or you can have a flashy display advertisement in the sidebar..but in this day and age, where prospects are immune to advertisement, your ads and CTAs run the risk of putting the prospect off.

So how do you build your blog into a lead magnet and monetize your content? Our data suggests that a blog post with a quiz or a calculator embedded inside of it will bring over 20 times more conversions than a post. Yes, 20 times.

Well, the reason is pretty simple. They add value by answering your prospects more pressing questions. 

Think about it. Say you were writing an article titled "How to increase blog conversions?" and had a call to action saying "Want more conversions? Sign up here!". Would you click on it? Maybe, but I bet the conversion rate will be pretty mediocre (0.5%-2%). Now image if the call to action was "Calculate how many more leads your blog can generate by using our tool" along with the actual calculator embedded in the blog.

Now, its a different story. We have suddenly made the entire discussion about the reader. We have engaged him in a personalized way. As per our analysis, over 30-35% of the readers will click on the calculator and 20-25% will share their email. And we haven't even started talking about the engagement metrics (just fyi, readers spend 30 seconds more a blog if there is a calculator embedded inside of it) . 

All in All...

Driving engagement with calculators is easy if you can create something awesome. In case you're not sure how to start using calculators for blog conversion optimization, you can check out this post about building ROI Calculators or alternatively start building your own calculator now!